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Date modified: 2nd of April 2018 

Music Show Scotland is a trademark of Beerten Events B.V. 

Postal address:
Beerten Events B.V.
Jonkerspad 1
7271 LC, Borculo (Nederland).


In order to provide our customers with the best possible service, we collect certain personal information on our website(s). This information is managed by us. You have the right to delete the specified personal data. When you visit our site(s) we collect:

  • Your personal data if you communicate this to us, for example in case of a contact request, an order in the webshop or when subscribing to the newsletter. The data we collect is only the information that is necessary to meet your needs:
    • Webshop: Address details, e-mail address, payment details
    • Newsletter: First and last name, e-mail address and place
    • Contact request: First and last name, e-mail address, place
  • All information regarding the pages of other sites that you have consulted to go to our site.
  • All information regarding the pages that you have consulted on our site.

We do not share your personal data with third parties unless you have explicitly given permission for this.  



  • If you subscribe to the newsletter, we will inform you about developments at Music Show Scotland, such as a ticket alert in your area or a DVD release. We will also inform you about topics that you might also find interesting, such as a Scottish / Irish related events in your area.
  • When registering for the newsletter, we ask you for a location to be able to send you a ticket alert when we organize a show in your region.

Each newsletter contains a link that allows you to unsubscribe easily and for free.


  • If you place an order in our webshop, we will use your contact details to keep you informed of the progress of your order.
  • If problems occur with your order, we will use your details to contact you about this. This will be done by telephone or by e-mail.
  • We use your payment and transaction details that you provide to process the payment for each product you purchase from us.
  • If you give us your postal address through the webshop, you will only receive the orders that you have requested at this address.
  • If you provide us with your e-mail address through the webshop, you will only receive e-mails from our company if this is necessary to answer your questions or to inform you about orders you have made, unless you specifically subscribe to the newsletter while placing your order.


We use "retargeting" technology for our ads on Facebook and Google (only if you give us permission to. See the 'cookies' section for a detailed specification and an explanation of how you can disable this functionality). Through this process, internet users who are already interested in our show, can once again come into contact with Music Show Scotland on other channels.


We keep your information for as long as we consider it necessary to achieve our business purposes.  


We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent with pages from this website (and / or Flash applications) and stored by your browser on the hard disk of your computer. The information stored therein can be sent back to our servers on a subsequent visit. You can change the settings on your computer so that no cookies are accepted. We use different types of cookies:

Strictly necessary These cookies are essential to make our webshop work. For example, they are used to store your chosen products in the shopping cart. At a next visit these products will still be in your shopping basket.
Analytical cookies These cookies collect information about how people use our platform; For example, we use Google Analytics cookies to help us understand which pages are most frequently visited, how people navigate from one link to another, and whether they receive error messages from certain pages. In general, these cookies provide us with analytical information about how our website performs and how we can improve it. 
Functionality cookies With these cookies we can remember your choices and tailor our website to provide you with the best. For example, these cookies can be used to remember your language choice.
Advertising cookies

We use cookies from Facebook and Google Adwords to display advertisements on these channels that are more relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement and to help measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. They remember that you have visited our website and this means that after visiting our platform elsewhere on the internet you can see some advertisements about our product.

We ask you for permission to use this type of cookies when you visit our website.

Do you want to deactivate these cookies? You can reset your cookie-consent through the following link: reset cookie-consent.


How long a cookie stays on your navigation device depends on whether it is a "persistent" or "session" cookie. Session cookies remain on your device only until you stop navigating. Persistent cookies remain on your navigation device until they expire or they are deleted.


"First party cookies" are cookies that belong to us and that we place on your device. "Third party cookies" are cookies that are placed by another party on your navigation device when you visit our website. We have adjusted a number of settings ourselves:

  • A processing agreement has been signed with Google.
  • Your IP address is saved, but the last three digits are made invisible before Google stores the IP address.
  • Your data will not be shared with Google.

Google Analytics places two cookies ..., '_ga' and '_gid'. The _ga cookie is used to distinguish visitors from each other and has a validity of 2 years, the _gid cookie is used for the same reason and has a validity of 1 day. Your privacy is guaranteed with these two analytical cookies. However, you can remove both cookies from your hard disk at any time by deleting your cookies from your browser. For more information on how Facebook and Google use cookies, you should consult the third party website.

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When we transfer or receive your data on our site, we always use the encryption technologies that are recognized as common standards within the IT sector.

SSL Security

The SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer) is the standard for securing websites and transactions on the internet. By means of certificates the transmitted data is secured and the identity of the owner of the certificate is guaranteed. Beerten Events B.V. uses this secure connection (SSL), so you can be sure that your personal data and payment data are securely encrypted and sent and can not be intercepted by malicious parties as long as you are connected to our server. The following information is encrypted:

  • Personal information (name,address, telephone, etc.)
  • Method of payment
  • Credit card & bank account information


Changes to our privacy policy

We may update this privacy policy from time to time, and when we do so, we will update the "last modified" date at the top of this privacy policy. By regularly checking this page, you always know what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we share it with other parties. How can you contact us in connection with our privacy policy?

Our company can be reached on the following days / hours: Mon. t / m free. 09.00-12.00 and 13.00-17.00, Sat. 9 am to 12 noon.   Our company can use consumer information for new purposes that are not yet provided for in our "privacy policy". In that case we will contact you before using your data for these new purposes, to inform you of the changes to our regulations for the protection of personal data and to give you the opportunity to refuse participation. On request we provide you with all information that we keep of you. If you wish to access this information, please contact us at the above address. On request we offer visitors the opportunity to correct any incorrect data that we keep of them. If you wish to improve your personal details, please contact us at the above address. If you find that our site (or any part of it) is not in accordance with our privacy policy, please contact us at the above address.